Marijuana: All About Nutrients

The nutrients that you feed your crop have a lot to do with its success. There are thousands of different products available, so it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of options.

The Grow Boss is here to help. In Marijuana: All About Nutrients you will learn what each type of nutrient will do for your plant, so you can act accordingly. Do you need base nutrients for easy to use general health? Or maybe Strengthening nutrients like Plant Amp? Natural nutrients could fit your needs, or maybe even caring for your plant on a molecular level.

Some nutrients help your crop bloom to its full flowering potential, while others help it grow big and strong. Over feeding is the number one problem growers can create for themselves, so each nutrient has a certain place within the harvesting cycle. All About Nutrients can tell you when to water, how often to feed, and when to add more nutrients for your next generation of plants.

This helpful guide will also help you correct problems you are facing, with equations of nutrients based on the look of your plant. Are your leaves drooping? You need to lower the temperature and add some Raw nutrients. Do you have root rot?

You need to up the microbes and bring down the water supply. Low yield needs more light and potassium, bug problems need some vitamin B. This guide is essential to keeping your plants healthy. Each nutrient is explained in depth in both what it’s made of and what the results will be when added correctly.

Nutrients should never be overlooked, as they are a powerful tool to help your crop reach its fullest potential. There’s also a couple science lessons built in, so you can learn more about your plant and its molecular components. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the easier it will be to assess problems and cut them at the root.

The process is explained from beginning to end. From which nutrients to pick to how to mix them into your daily routine, this guide will give you a step by step on how to succeed in this industry.

Remember, what you want from your plants is catered to your needs, so knowing your goal will help you maneuver through each process with ease. This guide is helpful for growers on a personal level up to industry standards, so whatever you’re looking to achieve, Grow Boss can help you get there.

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Marijuana – Gardens and Grow Rooms

Are you planning a tent set up for your grow? Maybe an advanced sealed garden, a no heat garden, or even just a personal use setup. Well, the Garden and Grown Rooms book is for you!

With guided illustrations on what the final setup should look like, to a shopping list on what that consists of, this is the one stop guide to setting up your Grow!

A troubleshooting guide asks you some questions about the problems you are facing and has the solutions within the same page! This personalized book will be tailored to fit your needs and allow you to know all the options before starting this venture. It’ll tell you how much light you need to yield your product (400 watts of light only yield 8 flowers!) as well as garden facts for each type of set up you are considering.

There’s even a section to explain how to grow in your bathroom! The shopping list cannot be stressed enough. When you know what to buy and what the end result will look like, there’s no problem you cannot fix.

Your original setup might not have included the proper hoods, or maybe your plant might not have the right ventilation. Whether you don’t know where to start or you’re trying to improve your grow room, this is an all in one guide to getting the best results!

The Grow Boss knows exactly what you need to start your garden, and without the proper tools, there’s no foundation for your grow. A proper foundation sets you up for success, so your set up is a crucial element that should never be overlooked. The differences between garden set ups may surprise you, but they do exist, and they all effect the plant differently. Knowing what they do and why is the easiest way to avoid problems in the future. Your best yield is our number one concern, and we’re here to make it as painless as possible!

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Marijuana – 20 Week Garden Tracker

This 20 week guidebook is a step by step Garden Tracker to keep you on the right course to success. The guide itself has a start and end date for your project, as well as a labeling system so you don’t loose track of your progress.

Week one starts with transitioning from Rooter to Vegetation. There’s a section to keep track of supplements given, nutrients, additives, PPM and personal notes. (Don’t know what PPM means? Check your flash cards!)

Week two goes on to Growth and Shaping, giving both tips and instructions to get the best results. Did you realize you should top your faster growing strains? Or that the number 1 cause of low yields is failing to shape your plant correctly? If you didn’t before, the Grow Boss will teach you now. You should be keeping track of your Wattage output as well, because the yield is effected by light production and how well your plant is absorbing that light.

Week three involves growth and shaping of the plant. At this point cuttings should be taken to Sex your plant, as well as topping, lollipoping, and flower SCROG-ing. This will keep your plant from getting bushier and allow it to grow taller.

Week four involves taking cuttings from your mother plant. If your cutting dies, you’ve probably got a sick plant on your hands. This can, of course, be corrected, but that’s why week four is so critical. Certain strains may still need more veg time after this as well.

Week five is where things begin to stabilize. Your plant should be healthy, so all that’s left is to water and wait.

Week six is bug prevention and continued shaping. Maintenance is crucial to yield, so don’t be afraid to keep up the good work. Within these twenty weeks the first couple are most important, so it only gets better from here.

The 20 week garden tracker will keep your plant at its healthiest state, while producing the most yield for you time. This tracker also includes detrimental lessons for the grower to keep in mind – from water quality to a grow chart so you can keep track of the progress. Both informative and personalized, the grow guide will give you many options on how to grow your own plant, in 20 weeks or less.

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Marijuana 420 Guide

So you’ve grown your plant, but there’s still so much more to do. From understanding strains, to checking out pot problems for your next yield, to extracting and smoking your final product, the 420 Guide has got your back.

In the Strain a Day section you will learn about strains like AK47 and NYC Diesel (and what type of strain they are). In the Pot Problems section, you will learn about Thrips, Spider Mites, and the difference between a male and female plant.

Your personal garden can prepare you on what to expect, with recommended products to help you get the best result. The Glass Care and Selection section can help you decide what the best piece to smoke out of is, with some pros and con on each type of pipe, and the best way of handling them after purchase.

Some pipes are glass and can get extremely expensive, so tailoring it to your personal needs will keep you from breaking your tools and teach you how to use them effectively (and dispose of the waste, hassle-free). Inspecting your product for problems can also help you long term, both to help you create something even better and to help you understand what you have. What do the Trichomes and stem tell you about the product? And how do you use this information effectively? Well, Marijuana 420 has the answer.

When a quality product has been produced, there’s always the possibility of changing its form. Do you want to create concentrated Keif? Bubble extraction? Hash? There’s a separate extraction process for each of these products, and the plant itself is only the beginning.

Lastly, how do you wish to smoke this product? Different than the glass care section, this section tells you the difference between smoking a joint, a pipe, Electronic smoking, a nail and dome (concentrated ‘wax’ smoking) and vaporizing (the most scientific form of smoking). These will help you get the most out of your final product, and let you tailor the smoking experience to fit your needs.

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The Grow Book and Equipment Guide – Marijuana Edition

Going in to a business venture is not an easy task – especially if you’re growing your final product. Many people may assume that growing Marijuana is as easy as growing weeds in a garden, but unfortunately, that is not so. Many misconceptions exist in the marijuana business, but The Grow Book and Equipment Guide is here to help.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a beginner looking to learn more – this book is for you. From recommending equipment to explaining how things went wrong (and how to fix them) this is the ultimate guide for growers.

It starts off by explaining the 3 biggest mistakes a grower can make: Too much Light, too much Water, and too many Nutrients. Then it goes on to ask the reader a couple questions on what they’re looking to gain from this venture: how much yield do you expect per week? How much heat do you expect to add to your energy bill? And maybe the most unaccounted for question a beginner might have: How much money are you willing to invest?

From there the book can guide you to what kind of garden will best suit your needs. It explains what equipment and what pesticides would be best for the strain you are planting. We recommend all natural, insecticide free, FDA approved ingredients, such as Sierra Natural products. The best ingredients will wield the highest quality product, so of course, the Book begins here.

Then the educational portion. Do you want to grow Indica, or Sativa? Each will require separate processes and regimes, so knowing the difference is crucial to success.  This book will require you to learn the basics like photosynthesis, rotating your crop, cloning, nutrient mixing, flushing, lighting and troubleshooting. The Grow Book is highly informative, and is the ultimate guide to starting or finishing your venture.

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Marijuana – Know More Cards: How to Grow Trivia Cards

These trivia cards are anything but trivial. “Know More to Grow More” is the motto of these cards, and with 90 factoids to memorize, you’ll be sure to keep entertained. This is a great tool for visual learners and speed readers alike.

The information on these trivia cards are of vital importance on both equipment use and plant care. These cards help reinforce multiple aspects of production though funny and memorable illustrations.

You can test your knowledge anywhere, at any time, with these portable cards. Never stop learning and never stop growing, with Grow Boss’s ‘How to Grow’ Trivia cards.

From parts of the plant, to correct equipment usage, to nutrient equations necessary for survival, these cards have it all. If you’ve ever wondered how something works or why a certain piece of equipment is necessary, these Trivia Cards can provide the answer.

These concepts start off simple, from when to change a lightbulb to what the roots of the plant do. They then get more complex as your knowledge grows: from understanding acronyms like R.O. (reverse Osmosis) and S.N.A.P. (Supplements, Nutrients, Additives, Ph) to encountering problems such as Thrips, and how to fix them.

These cards prepare you for the entire process of growing, and even help you avoid common issues as you learn. From which equipment to buy, to cloning, to harvesting, these cards are necessary to keep your plants flourishing and producing quality product.

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Marijuana Garden Rescue | Why Most Growers Fail | Troubleshooting Garden

This video is the first in a series. Starting with a sick shitty garden, i’ll show you everything wrong and what you’ll need to make it better. We’ll look at problems, failures and the same old – same old mistakes every new gardener makes.

Key Points:

● Wear Method 7 Safety Glasses to prevent damage from UV lights.

● Healthy plants do not attract bugs.

● Trenching occurs from watering, can be fixed with Hydroton or Perlite.

● Grow the plants as a trellis and curve them downwards to help create a canopy.

● 600W Light, 4×4 tent, 2 ft deep of canopy to yield 1 lb.

● First Grow- Canopy is hollow.

● Second Grow- More plant material in canopy to absorb light.

● Veg Garden- supplies the flower garden.

○ 400W Light- Plants require more space to grow.

○ 200W Light- Plants can be closer.

● Cal-Mag deficiency can cause leaves to turn yellow and eventually die.

● Clone Area sets up veg and flower.

● Purpling of stems and veg caused by lack of magnesium

● 300W of T5 Light, only 3 are on= 200W

● Magnesium is the central molecule in the chlorophyll ion.

● To Bush a plant the two branches must grow downwards by pinching the branches to bend them over.

● For smaller branches you will need to twist and tuck the branch repeatedly every day for it to grow downwards.

● By removing excess leaves on shorter plants in order for them to grow.

● Great White microbes and magnesium help to grow plant roots.

● By taking off the top of a plant, it encourages other branches to become tops.

● To slow growth, take off lower branches, fold over the branch, break it by twisting and bending it.

● Tips and stripes can be fixed using the Raw Soluble Plant Guide and the Perfect PPM Chart found in The Grow Book & Equipment Guide or your local hydroponic store.


Want To Grow Marijuana You Need 400 Watts Minimum In Soil & 600 Watts In Hydro – Grow Boss Explains Why

You want to know why I claim you need 400 watts minimum to grow marijuana. watch this video as i make my case.

Growing Marijuana Requires 400 watts Minimum.

0.5 lbs – 400w
1.0 lbs – 600w
1.5 lbs – 1,000w

1 – Light Rotation = 90 days
2 – Light Rotation = 60 days
3- Light Rotation = 30 days

Yield is based on light.

Marijuana grows at a rate of about 35w Per Week in Media and 50w Per Week in Hydro.

Marijuana is a 12 week process. About 4 weeks in veg, about 8 weeks in flower.

Marijuana grows at a rate of 35 watts a week on average, in media,  then in 10 weeks you are at 350 watts, plus the 2 week finish, then you have 400 watts worth of light. and it’s T5 light.

You have to grow 1.5 lb wet to get 0.5 lb dry.  75%+ is water weight.

If you want an inexpensive nutrient that always works then pick up Humbold Nutrients. The nutrients move the light, the energy, the sugar that the plant creates from the light.

1,000w 100% Schedule
600w 50% Schedule
400w 33% Schedule

400w = 400PPM @ Week #10
600w = 600PPM @ Week #10
1,000w = 1,000PPM @ Week #10

400w T5
2x4x5 Tent
1.5 lbs Wet
0.5 lbs Dry

All you have to do is pick a yield, find the light that matches it.
1.0 oz per week = 600 watts
3.0 oz per week = 1,000 watts

1.5 oz per week = 400w Veg and 600w flower.

400w in Media
600w in Hydro

400w = 1.5 lbs Wet, 0.5 lbs Dry, Every 90 days.

200w Veg = 400w Flower
400w Veg = 600w Flower
600w Veg = 1,000w Flower
1,000w Veg = 2,000w Flower