Marijuana – 20 Week Garden Tracker

This 20 week guidebook is a step by step Garden Tracker to keep you on the right course to success. The guide itself has a start and end date for your project, as well as a labeling system so you don’t loose track of your progress.

Week one starts with transitioning from Rooter to Vegetation. There’s a section to keep track of supplements given, nutrients, additives, PPM and personal notes. (Don’t know what PPM means? Check your flash cards!)

Week two goes on to Growth and Shaping, giving both tips and instructions to get the best results. Did you realize you should top your faster growing strains? Or that the number 1 cause of low yields is failing to shape your plant correctly? If you didn’t before, the Grow Boss will teach you now. You should be keeping track of your Wattage output as well, because the yield is effected by light production and how well your plant is absorbing that light.

Week three involves growth and shaping of the plant. At this point cuttings should be taken to Sex your plant, as well as topping, lollipoping, and flower SCROG-ing. This will keep your plant from getting bushier and allow it to grow taller.

Week four involves taking cuttings from your mother plant. If your cutting dies, you’ve probably got a sick plant on your hands. This can, of course, be corrected, but that’s why week four is so critical. Certain strains may still need more veg time after this as well.

Week five is where things begin to stabilize. Your plant should be healthy, so all that’s left is to water and wait.

Week six is bug prevention and continued shaping. Maintenance is crucial to yield, so don’t be afraid to keep up the good work. Within these twenty weeks the first couple are most important, so it only gets better from here.

The 20 week garden tracker will keep your plant at its healthiest state, while producing the most yield for you time. This tracker also includes detrimental lessons for the grower to keep in mind – from water quality to a grow chart so you can keep track of the progress. Both informative and personalized, the grow guide will give you many options on how to grow your own plant, in 20 weeks or less.

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