Marijuana: All About Nutrients

The nutrients that you feed your crop have a lot to do with its success. There are thousands of different products available, so it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of options.

The Grow Boss is here to help. In Marijuana: All About Nutrients you will learn what each type of nutrient will do for your plant, so you can act accordingly. Do you need base nutrients for easy to use general health? Or maybe Strengthening nutrients like Plant Amp? Natural nutrients could fit your needs, or maybe even caring for your plant on a molecular level.

Some nutrients help your crop bloom to its full flowering potential, while others help it grow big and strong. Over feeding is the number one problem growers can create for themselves, so each nutrient has a certain place within the harvesting cycle. All About Nutrients can tell you when to water, how often to feed, and when to add more nutrients for your next generation of plants.

This helpful guide will also help you correct problems you are facing, with equations of nutrients based on the look of your plant. Are your leaves drooping? You need to lower the temperature and add some Raw nutrients. Do you have root rot?

You need to up the microbes and bring down the water supply. Low yield needs more light and potassium, bug problems need some vitamin B. This guide is essential to keeping your plants healthy. Each nutrient is explained in depth in both what it’s made of and what the results will be when added correctly.

Nutrients should never be overlooked, as they are a powerful tool to help your crop reach its fullest potential. There’s also a couple science lessons built in, so you can learn more about your plant and its molecular components. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the easier it will be to assess problems and cut them at the root.

The process is explained from beginning to end. From which nutrients to pick to how to mix them into your daily routine, this guide will give you a step by step on how to succeed in this industry.

Remember, what you want from your plants is catered to your needs, so knowing your goal will help you maneuver through each process with ease. This guide is helpful for growers on a personal level up to industry standards, so whatever you’re looking to achieve, Grow Boss can help you get there.

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