Marijuana – Gardens and Grow Rooms

Are you planning a tent set up for your grow? Maybe an advanced sealed garden, a no heat garden, or even just a personal use setup. Well, the Garden and Grown Rooms book is for you!

With guided illustrations on what the final setup should look like, to a shopping list on what that consists of, this is the one stop guide to setting up your Grow!

A troubleshooting guide asks you some questions about the problems you are facing and has the solutions within the same page! This personalized book will be tailored to fit your needs and allow you to know all the options before starting this venture. It’ll tell you how much light you need to yield your product (400 watts of light only yield 8 flowers!) as well as garden facts for each type of set up you are considering.

There’s even a section to explain how to grow in your bathroom! The shopping list cannot be stressed enough. When you know what to buy and what the end result will look like, there’s no problem you cannot fix.

Your original setup might not have included the proper hoods, or maybe your plant might not have the right ventilation. Whether you don’t know where to start or you’re trying to improve your grow room, this is an all in one guide to getting the best results!

The Grow Boss knows exactly what you need to start your garden, and without the proper tools, there’s no foundation for your grow. A proper foundation sets you up for success, so your set up is a crucial element that should never be overlooked. The differences between garden set ups may surprise you, but they do exist, and they all effect the plant differently. Knowing what they do and why is the easiest way to avoid problems in the future. Your best yield is our number one concern, and we’re here to make it as painless as possible!

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