Marijuana 420 Guide

So you’ve grown your plant, but there’s still so much more to do. From understanding strains, to checking out pot problems for your next yield, to extracting and smoking your final product, the 420 Guide has got your back.

In the Strain a Day section you will learn about strains like AK47 and NYC Diesel (and what type of strain they are). In the Pot Problems section, you will learn about Thrips, Spider Mites, and the difference between a male and female plant.

Your personal garden can prepare you on what to expect, with recommended products to help you get the best result. The Glass Care and Selection section can help you decide what the best piece to smoke out of is, with some pros and con on each type of pipe, and the best way of handling them after purchase.

Some pipes are glass and can get extremely expensive, so tailoring it to your personal needs will keep you from breaking your tools and teach you how to use them effectively (and dispose of the waste, hassle-free). Inspecting your product for problems can also help you long term, both to help you create something even better and to help you understand what you have. What do the Trichomes and stem tell you about the product? And how do you use this information effectively? Well, Marijuana 420 has the answer.

When a quality product has been produced, there’s always the possibility of changing its form. Do you want to create concentrated Keif? Bubble extraction? Hash? There’s a separate extraction process for each of these products, and the plant itself is only the beginning.

Lastly, how do you wish to smoke this product? Different than the glass care section, this section tells you the difference between smoking a joint, a pipe, Electronic smoking, a nail and dome (concentrated ‘wax’ smoking) and vaporizing (the most scientific form of smoking). These will help you get the most out of your final product, and let you tailor the smoking experience to fit your needs.

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Marijuana Garden Rescue | Why Most Growers Fail | Troubleshooting Garden

This video is the first in a series. Starting with a sick shitty garden, i’ll show you everything wrong and what you’ll need to make it better. We’ll look at problems, failures and the same old – same old mistakes every new gardener makes.

Key Points:

● Wear Method 7 Safety Glasses to prevent damage from UV lights.

● Healthy plants do not attract bugs.

● Trenching occurs from watering, can be fixed with Hydroton or Perlite.

● Grow the plants as a trellis and curve them downwards to help create a canopy.

● 600W Light, 4×4 tent, 2 ft deep of canopy to yield 1 lb.

● First Grow- Canopy is hollow.

● Second Grow- More plant material in canopy to absorb light.

● Veg Garden- supplies the flower garden.

○ 400W Light- Plants require more space to grow.

○ 200W Light- Plants can be closer.

● Cal-Mag deficiency can cause leaves to turn yellow and eventually die.

● Clone Area sets up veg and flower.

● Purpling of stems and veg caused by lack of magnesium

● 300W of T5 Light, only 3 are on= 200W

● Magnesium is the central molecule in the chlorophyll ion.

● To Bush a plant the two branches must grow downwards by pinching the branches to bend them over.

● For smaller branches you will need to twist and tuck the branch repeatedly every day for it to grow downwards.

● By removing excess leaves on shorter plants in order for them to grow.

● Great White microbes and magnesium help to grow plant roots.

● By taking off the top of a plant, it encourages other branches to become tops.

● To slow growth, take off lower branches, fold over the branch, break it by twisting and bending it.

● Tips and stripes can be fixed using the Raw Soluble Plant Guide and the Perfect PPM Chart found in The Grow Book & Equipment Guide or your local hydroponic store.