The Grow Book and Equipment Guide – Marijuana Edition

Going in to a business venture is not an easy task – especially if you’re growing your final product. Many people may assume that growing Marijuana is as easy as growing weeds in a garden, but unfortunately, that is not so. Many misconceptions exist in the marijuana business, but The Grow Book and Equipment Guide is here to help.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a beginner looking to learn more – this book is for you. From recommending equipment to explaining how things went wrong (and how to fix them) this is the ultimate guide for growers.

It starts off by explaining the 3 biggest mistakes a grower can make: Too much Light, too much Water, and too many Nutrients. Then it goes on to ask the reader a couple questions on what they’re looking to gain from this venture: how much yield do you expect per week? How much heat do you expect to add to your energy bill? And maybe the most unaccounted for question a beginner might have: How much money are you willing to invest?

From there the book can guide you to what kind of garden will best suit your needs. It explains what equipment and what pesticides would be best for the strain you are planting. We recommend all natural, insecticide free, FDA approved ingredients, such as Sierra Natural products. The best ingredients will wield the highest quality product, so of course, the Book begins here.

Then the educational portion. Do you want to grow Indica, or Sativa? Each will require separate processes and regimes, so knowing the difference is crucial to success.  This book will require you to learn the basics like photosynthesis, rotating your crop, cloning, nutrient mixing, flushing, lighting and troubleshooting. The Grow Book is highly informative, and is the ultimate guide to starting or finishing your venture.

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Marijuana – Know More Cards: How to Grow Trivia Cards

These trivia cards are anything but trivial. “Know More to Grow More” is the motto of these cards, and with 90 factoids to memorize, you’ll be sure to keep entertained. This is a great tool for visual learners and speed readers alike.

The information on these trivia cards are of vital importance on both equipment use and plant care. These cards help reinforce multiple aspects of production though funny and memorable illustrations.

You can test your knowledge anywhere, at any time, with these portable cards. Never stop learning and never stop growing, with Grow Boss’s ‘How to Grow’ Trivia cards.

From parts of the plant, to correct equipment usage, to nutrient equations necessary for survival, these cards have it all. If you’ve ever wondered how something works or why a certain piece of equipment is necessary, these Trivia Cards can provide the answer.

These concepts start off simple, from when to change a lightbulb to what the roots of the plant do. They then get more complex as your knowledge grows: from understanding acronyms like R.O. (reverse Osmosis) and S.N.A.P. (Supplements, Nutrients, Additives, Ph) to encountering problems such as Thrips, and how to fix them.

These cards prepare you for the entire process of growing, and even help you avoid common issues as you learn. From which equipment to buy, to cloning, to harvesting, these cards are necessary to keep your plants flourishing and producing quality product.

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Want To Grow Marijuana You Need 400 Watts Minimum In Soil & 600 Watts In Hydro – Grow Boss Explains Why

You want to know why I claim you need 400 watts minimum to grow marijuana. watch this video as i make my case.

Growing Marijuana Requires 400 watts Minimum.

0.5 lbs – 400w
1.0 lbs – 600w
1.5 lbs – 1,000w

1 – Light Rotation = 90 days
2 – Light Rotation = 60 days
3- Light Rotation = 30 days

Yield is based on light.

Marijuana grows at a rate of about 35w Per Week in Media and 50w Per Week in Hydro.

Marijuana is a 12 week process. About 4 weeks in veg, about 8 weeks in flower.

Marijuana grows at a rate of 35 watts a week on average, in media,  then in 10 weeks you are at 350 watts, plus the 2 week finish, then you have 400 watts worth of light. and it’s T5 light.

You have to grow 1.5 lb wet to get 0.5 lb dry.  75%+ is water weight.

If you want an inexpensive nutrient that always works then pick up Humbold Nutrients. The nutrients move the light, the energy, the sugar that the plant creates from the light.

1,000w 100% Schedule
600w 50% Schedule
400w 33% Schedule

400w = 400PPM @ Week #10
600w = 600PPM @ Week #10
1,000w = 1,000PPM @ Week #10

400w T5
2x4x5 Tent
1.5 lbs Wet
0.5 lbs Dry

All you have to do is pick a yield, find the light that matches it.
1.0 oz per week = 600 watts
3.0 oz per week = 1,000 watts

1.5 oz per week = 400w Veg and 600w flower.

400w in Media
600w in Hydro

400w = 1.5 lbs Wet, 0.5 lbs Dry, Every 90 days.

200w Veg = 400w Flower
400w Veg = 600w Flower
600w Veg = 1,000w Flower
1,000w Veg = 2,000w Flower

Top 5 Things New Growers Need To Know About Using Flower Nutrients

These are the Top 5 things I have to explain to my customers about using flower nutrients.

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Key Points:

● #5 Phosphorus and Potassium (PK) For Bigger Flowers and Bigger Roots
○ PK Boost
○ Calcium
○ Sulfur
○ Magnesium
○ Sul-Mag helps convert starch into sugar
○ Magnesium is the central molecule in the chlorophyll ion and helps convert light into sugar

● #4 Florabloom
○ Liquid KoolBloom- N-P-K- (0-10-10-) Mg-S (0-0)
○ Florabloom N-P-K- (0-5-4-) Mg-S (1.5-1)
○ Combined N-P-K- (0-15-14) Mg-S (1.5-1)

○ Floranectar N-P-K- (1-0-0-) Mg-S (0.5-0.5)
○ Florabloom N-P-K- (0-5-4-) Mg-S (1.5-1)
○ Combined N-P-K- (1-5-4) Mg-S (2.0-1.5)

○ Liquid KoolBloom- N-P-K- (0-10-10-) Mg-S (0-0)
○ Floranectar N-P-K- (1-0-0-) Mg-S (0.5-0.5)
○ Combined N-P-K- (1-10-10) Mg-S (0.5-0.5)

○ Liquid Koolbloom and Floranectar can be combined to create Florabloom (Mg-s & P-K)
○ Sugar helps to support microbial life in the soil

● #3 Bud Building/Balance
○ If Your Recipe Calls For More P-K, add Liquid Koolbloom to the Florabloom
○ Adding Mg-S would trigger ripening
○ If Your Recipe Calls For More Mg-S, use Floranectar to the Florabloom to crystalize the trichomes

● #2 P-K Powders Are Just Like P-K Liquids
○ For P-K Booster you only need to know 1. Does it come with just PK? 2. Does it also have Mg-S?
○ Early on for building buds you will only need PK
○ During ripening you will want PK with S

● #1 Great White Microbes
○ Microbes help the plant absorb nutrients and live on, encourage, and protect new root growth.
○ Great White- 1 Scoop per 5-Gallons every 2 weeks.

Marijuana Garden Rescue | Watts, Weight & Rotations

This video shows you everything you need to know about light wattage, weight and rotations; how much light you need, how often you’re going to get that weight and how often you’re going to get it.

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Key Points:

● Light, Yield, and Nutrients
○ How much light you need depends on how much yield you want
○ 1 Light= 4 Month Rotation Harvest (Starting from Seed)
○ Watts, Weight, Time
○ 1.5 lbs 1000W Light in 4 Months
○ 1 Month Seed
■ +1 Month Veg
■ +2 Months Flower
○ 400W Veg, 4ft, 8 Bulb & 600W 4ft, 12 bulb
○ 2 Light Rotation= Concurrent (Veg & Flower)
○ 1 Light Rotation = 4 Month Harvest
○ 2 Light Rotation= 2 Month Harvest
○ 1 lb per 600W Light every 2 Months
○ Same Watts Produce Same Weight
○ Plant Count Is Irrelevant
○ Lights & Nutrients
○ Water (6H2O) + C. Diox (6CO2)= Sugar (C6H120)+Oxygen (6O2)
○ Doubling nutrients does not double yield
○ 1/2 lights 1/2 nutrients 600W vs. 1000W
○ Quality of Bud is based on grower talent
○ 4 Week Veg + 8 Week Flower
○ All Grows are Average Yield
○ Average Nutrients Average Results
○ Only Consider Flower Electricity
○ Starting Seed 1 Light Rotation 4 Month Harvest
○ Starting Clones 1 Light 3 Month Rotation
○ Cuttings= 3 Months Seeds=4 Months
○ 2 Light Rotation= Perpetual Harvest (Concurrent)
○ 3 Light Rotation= 1 Bed, 2 Flower Gardens (Harvest Every Month)
○ Day #1 Move Veg to Flower, Take Cuttings
○ Day #30 Move Veg to Flower, Take More Cuttings, Take Cuttings from Last Month to Veg Garden to keep cycle going
○ Day #60 Harvest 1, Move Veg to Flower, Move Cuttings to Veg
○ Day #90 Harvest 2
○ Day #120 Harvest 3, Replace with another plant from Veg
○ Day #160 Harvest 4
○ Day #190 Harvest 5
○ 400 W, 1.5 lbs Wet, 0.5 Dry, 2×4 Space, 2 Feet Deep
○ 400W= 80 lbs
○ 600 W Flower 3 lbs Wet, 1 lbs Dry 4×4 Space, 2 ft deep
○ 1 Light 1000W Rotation 1.5 lbs Dry 90 Days
○ 200 W Light, 400 W Flower, 200W Veg
○ 1.5 lbs every 30 days
○ 600W Flower 400W Veg every 60 days
○ 1000W Flower 600W Veg, 1.5 lbs every 30 days
○ I Used (X) Light, I Got (X) Yield, in (X) Time
○ 3- Light Rotation Flower 12-12, Veg 18-6, 6 Hour Overlap
○ 600W Bulb- 100,000 Lumens, 400W Bulb= 40,000 Lumens
○ Per 100 W Electricity: 400W= 10,000 Lumens, 600W= 17,000 Lumens, 1000W=14,000 Lumens
○ 1g per Watt, .85 G per Watt
○ 2 600W Light, 1 lbs/Month: 600W Veg, 600W Flower, 600W Flower
○ 600W Veg, 1000W Flower, 1.5 lbs per 1000W Light Every 60 Days
○ 3- Light 600W Rotation, 1800W 1lbs Monthly CPP 900W, 2800W 1lbs Monthly CPP 1400W