Want To Grow Marijuana You Need 400 Watts Minimum In Soil & 600 Watts In Hydro – Grow Boss Explains Why

You want to know why I claim you need 400 watts minimum to grow marijuana. watch this video as i make my case.

Growing Marijuana Requires 400 watts Minimum.

0.5 lbs – 400w
1.0 lbs – 600w
1.5 lbs – 1,000w

1 – Light Rotation = 90 days
2 – Light Rotation = 60 days
3- Light Rotation = 30 days

Yield is based on light.

Marijuana grows at a rate of about 35w Per Week in Media and 50w Per Week in Hydro.

Marijuana is a 12 week process. About 4 weeks in veg, about 8 weeks in flower.

Marijuana grows at a rate of 35 watts a week on average, in media,  then in 10 weeks you are at 350 watts, plus the 2 week finish, then you have 400 watts worth of light. and it’s T5 light.

You have to grow 1.5 lb wet to get 0.5 lb dry.  75%+ is water weight.

If you want an inexpensive nutrient that always works then pick up Humbold Nutrients. The nutrients move the light, the energy, the sugar that the plant creates from the light.

1,000w 100% Schedule
600w 50% Schedule
400w 33% Schedule

400w = 400PPM @ Week #10
600w = 600PPM @ Week #10
1,000w = 1,000PPM @ Week #10

400w T5
2x4x5 Tent
1.5 lbs Wet
0.5 lbs Dry

All you have to do is pick a yield, find the light that matches it.
1.0 oz per week = 600 watts
3.0 oz per week = 1,000 watts

1.5 oz per week = 400w Veg and 600w flower.

400w in Media
600w in Hydro

400w = 1.5 lbs Wet, 0.5 lbs Dry, Every 90 days.

200w Veg = 400w Flower
400w Veg = 600w Flower
600w Veg = 1,000w Flower
1,000w Veg = 2,000w Flower